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Tweet tweet

Let me celebrate the fact that I am now officially tweeting for the MIREN-network with some cute little birds! I will be the social media responsible of the Mountain Invasion Research Network and keep the world up to date about … Continue reading

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Love Shine-a light…

Visit the gallery of this event on the right of the blog! Cold days, endless dark nights, today with some additional snow and ice… Winter is upon us and it is trying to make us gloomy and depressed. But I will not … Continue reading

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The escape of the morpho’s

It sounds like the title of a cheap science fiction movie, but the title roll is played by fragile, beautiful butterflies. The severe hail storms of a few weeks ago damaged the glass dome of the butterfly garden of the Zoo of … Continue reading

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A black-listed ball of fur

The raccoon can currently be seen as a winner in the evolutionary race for survival. They seem to spread more and more in their native range in North America, because they can profit from the new niches created by urbanization. But there … Continue reading

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Penguin parade

Penguins are one of the main touristic attractions in Punta Arenas. There even live more penguins than people in the southern Magellan provence, so they really are the real owners of southern Chile. There is a colony of these funny looking puppets … Continue reading

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At the zoo

One day, halfway my quest to become a biologist, I had to make the tough choice between plants or animals. Although I truly loved both, I had to choose; there is not enough time to dedicate your scientific life to … Continue reading

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