Saxophone detail

I took some time to experiment with my new macro lens set. I did not take them outside yet to catch real nature and its mini-majestic glory, but sometimes it is not necessary to go very far to find beauty.

Saxophone detail

Luckily, my saxophone was very happy to pose for me and show its shiny beauty.

Saxophone detail

I think Iwill just go on experimenting with the lenses, so I will be ready for my next nature trip!

Saxophone detail

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11 Responses to Saxophone

  1. Joe says:

    Well done ūüėÄ really cool shot.

  2. earthstills says:

    Beautiful lighting and composition!

  3. Andre T says:

    wow, i love the color ūüėÄ
    pretty nice

  4. Lovely photos…. You know, that horn Would be a great napping spot fur someone like me…. ((* purrs *)) ‚ô•

  5. Ed says:

    Excellent shots, I really like the golden hues..:-)

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