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Species on the move

‘Species On The Move’: It’s a conference name with a ring to it. Its goal is to bring together scientists and conservationists around the topic of the impact of climate change on species distributions. This third edition was held in … Continue reading

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Does microclimate change move species?

With 200 or so we came together, here in the scorching heat and relentless urban expansion of southwest Florida, to talk about ‘species on the move’. Global change is pushing species from all sides, forcing them out of their traditional … Continue reading

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An efficient way to obtain soil texture data

When we designed our large-scale citizen science project ‘CurieuzeNeuzen in de Tuin’, we soon realized we had a problem on our hands: if we wanted to get an accurate idea of soil temperature and especially soil moisture from our 5000 … Continue reading

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Microclimate can save plant species from population migration

Global warming would force plant species to move dozens of kilometres north at breakneck speed to still find suitable habitat. “A failure for flora,” was the scientific consensus for a long time. Recent research suggests that such population relocation would … Continue reading

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Botanical scouting

I spent a beautiful spring day last week in one of Brussels’ most fairy-tale-like places: the botanical garden Jean Massart. This little piece of biodiversity sits in a picturesque valley bordering the E411 highway and that famous chunk of Brussels … Continue reading

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ForestClim – bioclimatic variables for forest understory

Those bioclimatic variables that we ecologists all love so much, but at a higher resolution and from right there where your study organisms are living? Wouldn’t that be a dream come true? Time to pinch yourself, as we now released … Continue reading

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