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Welcoming Eduardo

Ecology is a global science, and one that can only be done together. Understanding our world’s nature indeed needs collaborations between ecologists from all over the world, each from their own environment and perspective. That is exactly why we are … Continue reading

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The much-needed handbook

Let me tell you a little story. Imagine that you are an ambitious young PhD-student, worried about climate change and dedicated to spend the next 4 years performing an experiment that will answer critical questions on the future of our … Continue reading

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Death is life

Halloween has passed, with rain and wind and falling autumn leaves. And all over the forest: the very spooky ‘consumers of the death’, the creatures of the dark soils feasting on what has fallen: the saprotrophs and detritivores. What better … Continue reading

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On the barricades for Arctic insects

Climate change is no joke, and the Arctic is feeling it. We know this, and have to act accordingly. What we also know, is that Arctic biodiversity is going to take a big part of the blow. What we know … Continue reading

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European tree species in decline

Close to half of Europese tree species are threatened, according to a recent report by the IUCN, the groupin charge of the so-called ‘species red lists’. Causes of this dramatic number? Ongoing forest cutting of course. Yet, most importantly and … Continue reading

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I might not have been able to enjoy the breathtaking wildness of Mount Nuolja myself this summer, yet I am getting the next best thing: its soil. We received a precious package in the mail last month, with more than … Continue reading

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Introducing: Dovrefjell

Wide views, rolling hills, rocky mountain tops: we are proud to introduce you to Dovrefjell in the Norwegian mountains, backdrop of a new branch of our fascinating mountain research. It provides the wild scenery enjoyed by Ronja, Ilias (thank him … Continue reading

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