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Show us your best

The 3D Lab closed off the year with a fun meeting last Friday. All members were asked to present 1) their favourite figure they made the last year, and 2) a figure they hope to make the next year. And, … Continue reading

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Fieldwork night

PhD candidate Jan is currently representing the team in the high north. Tonight: spectacular yet lonely dinner-with-a-view in the waffle house on top of Låktatjåkko mountain, cosely tucked away from the windy 2°C that rules outside. The coronavirus has made … Continue reading

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Tales from the field

The global pandemic is still restricting lots of our fieldwork, and we have to cancel unfortunately another batch of work planned in northern Norway, but not all of it is going down the drain. PhD-student Ronja, for example, is having … Continue reading

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For years, I have been teaching a practical course on the measurement of plant stress to our master students. In that course, we introduce them to the magical ecological process called ‘fluorescence’ to investigate stress in their studied plant species. … Continue reading

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Following from afar

What a feeling that gives: when your PhD- and master-students are rocking their fieldwork, and pictures of their successes are tumbling past. Case in point: this success for our mountain trail surveys in Norway, finished in the rain and with … Continue reading

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2018 in stories (1)

Here on ‘On top of the world’, we have the tradition to end the year with a ‘best of’, a list of the most read stories on this blog from the last year. This list helps us to wrap up … Continue reading

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