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Fieldwork night

PhD candidate Jan is currently representing the team in the high north. Tonight: spectacular yet lonely dinner-with-a-view in the waffle house on top of Låktatjåkko mountain, cosely tucked away from the windy 2°C that rules outside. The coronavirus has made … Continue reading

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Weed of the month: Sweetbriar Rose (Rosa rubiginosa)

The sweetbriar rose isn’t as sweet as its name suggests. In the Argentinean Andes, it creates impenetrable thickets of torns and branches, transforming the valleys into veritable shrubberies. Guestpost by Ana Clara Mazzolari for http://www.mountaininvasions.org. Scenic Andean valley, flanked by … Continue reading

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Tiny blessings

This might not look like much to you, but the picture on the right is a massive success-story! What you are looking at, is tiny clover-seedlings, sown last autumn in the barren climate of the northern Scandinavian mountains. This means … Continue reading

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Two firsts

This has been a very important week for The 3D Lab: two of our PhD-students submitted their first ever paper! Charly submitted his work on the climatic origin of urban plant invaders, a first in a series studying how the … Continue reading

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The hiking trail invasions

We like mountain trails. But we are not alone, it looks like: invasive plant species love them as well as a gateway to invade higher elevations areas. What we always suspected, is now finally proven, thanks to the work of … Continue reading

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About wrapping up 2 field seasons

This is a guest post by Charly Geron, PhD-student at Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech and in our Virtual Lab. One month ago, I was left with mixed feelings about finishing up my second field season, and acquiring massive amount of data … Continue reading

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