This page provides an overview of all our published papers up till now, with for each of them a link to a blogpost summarizing the results. You can find all papers on Google Scholar, if you don’t have access, feel free to get in touch!


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  • Graham EB, …, contributor consortium. Towards a generalizable framework of disturbance ecology through crowdsourced science. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution.
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  • Lembrechts JJ (2018). Plants on the move: the effect of microclimate and anthropogenic disturbance on plant species distributions in mountains. PhD Thesis. Blogpost.
  • Lembrechts JJ, De Boeck, HJ, Liao J, Milbau A, Nijs I (2018). Effects of species evenness can be derived from species richness-ecosystem functioning relationships. Oikos 127 (3) 337-344. Blogpost.
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Garden angelica flanking mountain road


  • Lembrechts JJ, Milbau A, Nijs I (2015). Trade-off between competition and facilitation limits gap colonisation in harsh environments. AoB Plants 7 plv128. Blogpost.


  • Lembrechts JJ, Milbau A, Nijs I (2014). Alien roadside species more easily invade alpine than lowland plant communities in a subarctic mountain ecosystem. PLoS ONE 9 (2) e89664. Blogpost 1blogpost 2, blogpost 3, blogpost 4.


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