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The energy balance of a leaf

I am currently co-teaching the course on ‘environmental biophysics’ to our ecology masters, a largely theoretical course in which students get to know the physical equations behind ecology and the interaction between organisms and their environment. Besides this formula-juggling, the … Continue reading

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Heaps of soil in the sun, that is our view this week! We are starting a little sensor calibration experiment, where we create a variety of soils as we find in our garden experiment across Flanders to test the soil … Continue reading

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The tastiest sensor

Case in point that community science has so much more dimensions than we’re used to: we now have our ‘garden dagger’ microclimate sensor turned into chocolate! A tasty treat to all participants of the citizen science project who join us … Continue reading

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What we know about snow

We’re going to have to talk about snow. Snow is fabulous, it is unique, it is beautiful. But it also turns ecological processes and principles on their head: snow accumulation determines ground temperature, light conditions and moisture availability during winter. … Continue reading

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One protocol to track them all

It was the year 2005. A group of mountain ecologists gathered in Vienna, Austria, for what would turn out to be an appointment with history. Their topic? Plant invasions in mountains! A consensus was soon reached that there was an … Continue reading

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What’s up, vegetation science?

If I had some ideas about the emerging challenges for vegetation science, they asked. I sure did! If I wanted to join a virtual workshop with 21 other early-career vegetation scientists to discuss those challenges? You bet! It was a … Continue reading

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