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This is the 5th post in a series of stories from our fieldtrip to South America. Check out the arrival in Concepcion, the first and second fieldwork day and this post on pine invasions <– Sometimes, one travels far to arrive seemingly close to home. That … Continue reading

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Collective science is the best science

When scientists (or people in general) work together, magic happens. I am a dedicated advocate of that policy: if a lot of people all do a little bit of work, the level of interest of the results skyrockets. I was … Continue reading

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Field season kick-off

Last week, we celebrated the kick-off of 2018s field season, and as usual we did that with a student field trip to the Hallerbos, the world-famous purple forest that gets filled with bluebells in spring. We like to take the … Continue reading

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The much-anticipated spring of 2018 finally made it to Belgium! Not only because I have been craving to see my beloved plants resprouting, after a long winter of being ‘green-deprived’, but more importantly because this spring I will finally defend … Continue reading

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Unexpected bluebells

This time of year, thousands of people are awed by the Purple Forest, the beautiful Hallerbos close to Brussels, with its endless tapestries of bluebells. Tourists come from all over the world, making the romantic scenery suffer more, year after … Continue reading

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Plants do fly

At the Functional Ecology conference in Montpellier (see earlier posts), several times I heard the saying that plants cannot fly and as such have a significant limitation compared to other organisms. Yet I strongly disagree with that saying, no matter how … Continue reading

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