The much-anticipated spring of 2018 finally made it to Belgium!



Not only because I have been craving to see my beloved plants resprouting, after a long winter of being ‘green-deprived’, but more importantly because this spring I will finally defend my PhD.



Today, I officially submitted the final version of the thesis document to both the jury and the printing press, and I can tell you I am more than proud of the final product: 226 pages summarizing 5 years of thinking.


Carpinus betulus

Now I have a surprisingly large chunk of time on my hand, with for once no major deadline on the horizon (if we ignore the public defence at the end of the month). Spring thus also brings the freedom to dive into my favourite scientific topics for the future, and that feeling of choice is almost as beautiful as the delicate flowers in these pictures.



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2 Responses to Anticipation

  1. Koen Lembrechts says:

    Proficiat, Jonas! Veel succes op 27 april!

  2. We are still buried in snow and ice here, despite warmer days and so much more light! I’m very envious of the greening-up that you’re witnessing. Good luck defending your thesis!

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