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Battling my emails

I started tracking my time at work in detail at the start of my postdoc in 2018, using the amazing app ‘Timeular’. This series of stories provides some insights into postdoc life using that data. A traumatizing aspect of academia … Continue reading

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Microclimate symposium

Truth be told, we just had a little pot of money that needed spending. That pot of money came from a successful application to the University of Antwerp to enhance communication between universities. Now, communication between universities, that’s my kind … Continue reading

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Are non-native plants adapting to city life?

With chapter 4 now published, the now finished PhD of Charly Géron has created quite the storyline on how non-native plants are invading our urban environments! In his first paper, we found out that alien plant species in European cities … Continue reading

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Scicomm award

We won! The CurieuzeNeuzen team is one of the winners of the Annual Science Communication Prize of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium! The prize is awarded to researchers who are committed to creative and accessible science communication. CurieuzeNeuzen in … Continue reading

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The end

The end has arrived: this weekend, the 3000 participants of our large-scale citizen science project sent back their ‘garden dagger’ to us, closing the lid on the data collection for the most ambitious thing I have ever undertaken. Starting of … Continue reading

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It’s coming!

Next week, it’s finally there: the Microclimate Ecology & Biogeography conference we have been preparing for so long! You can find all details at An international conference with 128 participants, of which 28 are joining us virtually, with representation … Continue reading

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