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To the roots

Can one go on a three-day sabbatical? Cause I just gave myself a three-day sabbatical. I travelled to the northern Scandes on a short trip back to the roots of my research, where it all began in 2012 and where … Continue reading

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Global microclimate conference

When we started SoilTemp, we had one main goal: making microclimate research into a global science. Achieving that would mean two things: bringing all the data together in a global database was an obvious first, but we had something perhaps … Continue reading

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Drought and heat might help exotic plants escape out of the city

In new research lead by group member Charly Géron, we show that Belgian cities host different exotic plant species than the countryside. Those urban species come from warm and dry native climates and are better adapted to drought and heat. … Continue reading

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One protocol to track them all

It was the year 2005. A group of mountain ecologists gathered in Vienna, Austria, for what would turn out to be an appointment with history. Their topic? Plant invasions in mountains! A consensus was soon reached that there was an … Continue reading

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The Light Fantastic: Summoning Ghosts from the Past

Cutting-edge modern technology has brought us so far that scientists can now find ghostly prints from former human activities with breath-taking accuracy. Ghosts from the past, that is, and that modern technology is called LiDAR (light detection and ranging). LiDAR … Continue reading

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The TMS-Pluche

Consider development of microclimate sensors a closed and finished field: the ultimate product is now on the market! Thanks to the partner of our colleague Stijn, I got the most beautiful pluche version of a TMS-version, which we immediately bombarded … Continue reading

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