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Death is life

Halloween has passed, with rain and wind and falling autumn leaves. And all over the forest: the very spooky ‘consumers of the death’, the creatures of the dark soils feasting on what has fallen: the saprotrophs and detritivores. What better … Continue reading

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Introducing: Dovrefjell

Wide views, rolling hills, rocky mountain tops: we are proud to introduce you to Dovrefjell in the Norwegian mountains, backdrop of a new branch of our fascinating mountain research. It provides the wild scenery enjoyed by Ronja, Ilias (thank him … Continue reading

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While most of the fieldwork campaigns this summer are being taken care of by our awesome teams of PhD and master students, there is a few sets of field days I am joining. One of them just happened on a … Continue reading

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Good Field Practices

Tomorrow, we have an important lab meeting with summer coming up: good field practices. We will bring together the master and PhD-students working with us to talk about the do’s and don’ts in the field, and to learn from each … Continue reading

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Website updated

As I officially started my postdoc this month, it was due time to update the content of my website. As from today, this website has officially completed its transformation from a personal blog narrating the personal thoughts and adventures of … Continue reading

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October 1st

Monday, October 1st, will mark an important milestone: that day I will officially start my 3 years as a postdoc funded by the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO). I have spend the last few months preparing intensively for this day, and … Continue reading

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Mapping the trail survey

This summer has been highly successful for our MIREN trail survey. We can proudly present this map showing all the (approximated) locations where people have observed one of our focal plant species (red and white clover, common yarrow and narrowleaf … Continue reading

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