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The hiking trail invasions

We like mountain trails. But we are not alone, it looks like: invasive plant species love them as well as a gateway to invade higher elevations areas. What we always suspected, is now finally proven, thanks to the work of … Continue reading

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Death is life

Halloween has passed, with rain and wind and falling autumn leaves. And all over the forest: the very spooky ‘consumers of the death’, the creatures of the dark soils feasting on what has fallen: the saprotrophs and detritivores. What better … Continue reading

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Introducing: Dovrefjell

Wide views, rolling hills, rocky mountain tops: we are proud to introduce you to Dovrefjell in the Norwegian mountains, backdrop of a new branch of our fascinating mountain research. It provides the wild scenery enjoyed by Ronja, Ilias (thank him … Continue reading

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While most of the fieldwork campaigns this summer are being taken care of by our awesome teams of PhD and master students, there is a few sets of field days I am joining. One of them just happened on a … Continue reading

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Good Field Practices

Tomorrow, we have an important lab meeting with summer coming up: good field practices. We will bring together the master and PhD-students working with us to talk about the do’s and don’ts in the field, and to learn from each … Continue reading

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Website updated

As I officially started my postdoc this month, it was due time to update the content of my website. As from today, this website has officially completed its transformation from a personal blog narrating the personal thoughts and adventures of … Continue reading

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