Keep an eye out for the butterflies!

Map butterfly

This weekend nature-lovers all around Belgium (and the Netherlands) get outside to count butterflies. Natuurpunt, the nature conservation organization, asks everybody to spend at least half an hour of this sunny weekend in the garden, preferably when the sun is shining, and write down all species of butterflies that you can spot.

Peacock butterfly

The campaign to count butterflies for one weekend a year already exists since 2007 and provides a fantastic opportunity to combine ecological research with the broader public (oh, and that is exactly what we on this blog want!). It brings people in contact with the nature in their garden ànd with the science of nature conservation.

Common copper butterfly

So, the task is simple, you do not have to do anything different than planned: just put yourself in a relaxed chair in the garden and look at all the beauty around you. We have a warm summer, so the butterflies might be plentiful. Every counted butterfly provides information on their distribution and how to conserve them. So, please, help us to count them all, and sent your information from this weekend to Natuurpunt.

small tortoiseshell butterfly

More information and species names can be found here on the website of Natuurpunt! Everything on how it works!

Common blue

By the way, it might be nice to post a comment here if you participate, I would be happy to hear it from you!

Big moth

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7 Responses to Keep an eye out for the butterflies!

  1. Herman says:

    What a coincidence! I participated last year, doing it again this year. Today, I counted 6 butterflies, 3 different species.

  2. I would LOVE to eat- I mean, COUNT butterflies!!! *(chatters / STALK…)*

  3. Beautiful light and pictures !

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