Hedgehog parade

Hedgehog close-up

We have a real hedgehog invasion in the garden!


A whole nest of tiny little hedgehogs is roaming over the terrace and sniffing around over the lawn.


They even leave their hiding places during the day, brave and without any fear defying the openness of the garden to feast upon the cat food.

Hedgehog eating

One of them is really tiny, almost not strong enough to carry his own weight on his little paws.

Hedgehog rolled in a ball

We tried to make him stronger with some delicious snails and cat food, but he seemed totally confused, forgetting which side was up and where he wanted to go.


The cats were not so sure about those prickly intruders. They watched them with a worried look in their eyes, safely from a long, long distance.

The cat is confused

The little guys did not let the big cats bother them though. Their defense was already kitten proof, so they had no need to worry.

Hedgehog in grass

We will keep an eye on them, to make sure they make it to the winter with enough reserves to battle the cold.

Hedgehog at night

(I will come back to you with more science-related stuff soon, but I could not deny you these little cuties, could I?)

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6 Responses to Hedgehog parade

  1. Hope says:

    This was great! Loved it! 🙂

  2. Ed says:

    Totally adorable! Hope the research is going well. 🙂

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