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When does your elderberry bloom?

Have you ever noticed that trees seem to green up earlier in cities than in the countryside? If yes, it is not just a feeling. Urban areas have higher temperatures earlier during the spring. Moreover, it is already known that … Continue reading

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History in the making

What you see brightening up my garden on the picture above is what we hope will be the future of microclimate monitoring: a TMS-logger with connection to the internet! Yes, you read that correctly, TOMST is currently working on a … Continue reading

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Botanical beauty

A sunny spring day brought me to the botanical garden in Meise, close to Brussels. An amazing garden with picturesque views behind every corner. A friend of mine makes it a point to stroll through the botanical garden of each … Continue reading

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Spring is on its way, I promise! I went to Portugal to check it out for you myself. If you want to know why I was there, check out my previous post. Even that far south, spring seemed to be … Continue reading

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The modern botanist

For what it’s worth: I tried out this new fancy smartphone app called Pl@ntNet, and as a plant ecologist, I can happily give it my seal of approval. Everybody who has only the most remote interested in plants, stay tuned … Continue reading

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Forest variation

Small-scale variation. It is a super important part of my research. I mostly look at it from a human perspective: how humans can disturb an ecosystem and change the whole hidden set of abiotic and biotic factors that drive these systems with … Continue reading

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