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Gearing up our city microclimate plans

Yesterday, we had a new member joining the team! It was a virtual first day at work, but we are very happy nonetheless to have her on board now: Camille will be managing our citizen science project on garden microclimates, … Continue reading

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You might recall my excitement from a few weeks ago (here): we sew the seeds we harvested this summer in the subarctic mountains. Our expectations for them where pretty low, as the plants had to go through so much stress throughout … Continue reading

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(not so) dark

It is the darkest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. Always a sad moment for those like me who love the light. But there is plenty of little lights to bring us hope on this day. There is the … Continue reading

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Showing off

Some plants put in an awful lot of effort to look good, a case beautifully illustrated by this blue passion flower. There is a tremendous amount of energy needed to make flowers, even if there is no need for them to look … Continue reading

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Raging storm

On thursday evening, a massive cold front rolled over Belgium, accompanied by dark and dangerous clouds and severe thunderstorms. Of course I was worried about my greenhouse, although we had attached it as good as we could. But it had been having … Continue reading

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Go go go!

Only a week after the seeds went into the soil in my experiment at the university in Belgium, seedlings are already bravely facing the heat wave. Always awesome to see their little green faces pop up above the soil, especially … Continue reading

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