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Welcoming Stijn

Last week, we had a new PhD candidate starting in the lab! His name is Stijn, and he is here to pull our fabulous citizen science project ‘CurieuzeNeuzen in de Tuin’, in which we will measure summer heat and drought … Continue reading

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Climate impacts on your doorstep

Extreme weather events are all over the news in recent years, with intense floodings in Asia, fires raging through Australia, and record heatwaves melting the asphalt in Western-Europe. We are all starting to feel the impact of the changing climate … Continue reading

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East-ward bound

As you can see in my previous post, where you can find an insightful map of my current global scientific network, my global network has only a limited connection with the east. While strong ties exist within Europe and across the ocean to … Continue reading

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(not so) dark

It is the darkest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. Always a sad moment for those like me who love the light. But there is plenty of little lights to bring us hope on this day. There is the … Continue reading

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Open for discussion

To know what will happen to ecosystems in a changing world, we need to know the fate of the nutrients within them, like carbon and nitrogen. To know the fate of these nutrients, we need to know how they are distributed and … Continue reading

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Showing off

Some plants put in an awful lot of effort to look good, a case beautifully illustrated by this blue passion flower. There is a tremendous amount of energy needed to make flowers, even if there is no need for them to look … Continue reading

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