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Something cooking

There is something cooking in the kitchen, and it is looking far from tasty! It is a nice mixture of hydrogen chloride and hydrogen peroxide, with a pinch of soil added for flavour. The boiling and simmering of this disgusting … Continue reading

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The virtual lab in lockdown

We are all at home, unfortunately. That means: reduced social interactions, much less scientific discussion, and the loss of the support system of colleagues and friends. It’s tough for all. Luckily, our virtual lab has some experience with running remotely, … Continue reading

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It is official now: I am an aspiring microbial ecologist! What gave it away, is the following blurry picture: Not convincing, you say? Think again, because this is the very first gel electrophoresis of my very first own PCR! A … Continue reading

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More than ever, we will be spending time in the lab this autumn. Finally, the big step has been made: we are digging belowground! It had been high on my wishlist for a long time, but besides a few interesting … Continue reading

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