The virtual lab in lockdown

We are all at home, unfortunately. That means: reduced social interactions, much less scientific discussion, and the loss of the support system of colleagues and friends. It’s tough for all.

Luckily, our virtual lab has some experience with running remotely, as we have been virtual from the start; scattered across the world yet connected by science.

So all of us now have their office at home, which involves a lot of good home office-snacks, the never-seizing support of cats and babies, and a wide variety of laptop set-ups and improvised desks.

Home offices

Impressions from all over the world of our virtual lab in lockdown

We try to keep in touch, with bilateral meetings, virtual ‘shut up and write’-sessions, and even joint projects (like this one). We are alone, but still together. We all hope desparately that the lockdown ends soon – and that as much as possible of this summers’ field season can be salvaged. But whatever the case, our virtual lab will remain to keep us strong!

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1 Response to The virtual lab in lockdown

  1. Pam says:

    Best wishes! The kitties are enjoying the company!

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