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Is the coronavirus good news for the climate?

Guest post by Sara Vicca (UA, dept. Biologie), Ann Crabbé (UA, dept. Sociologie) and Steven Van Passel (UA, FBE). This blog appeared earlier in Dutch on http://www.globalchangeecology.blog and in English on http://www.scientists4climate.be. Translated by Jonas Lembrechts with DeepL. Is the coronavirus good … Continue reading

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Knowledge synthesis communities as the answer?

Another guest post from 3DLab-member Ronja Wedegärtner on how we can do better science in these times of global change, and include the whole of society from the start. We are producing much science, but not using it effectively enough … Continue reading

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Where do soil microbes live?

If we want to model where soil microbes are living, and why, traditional distribution models will not do. In a new paper in FEMS Microbiology Ecology, we suggest that accuracy can be achieved, if we just change our mindset and … Continue reading

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Can collaboration help us tackle the big issues of ecology?

Ronja Wedegärtner, PhD student at NTNU in Norway and in The 3D Lab, takes you on a reflective tour of the key discussion point of last weeks’ meeting in Reykjavik, Iceland: how we as ecologists can take up our task … Continue reading

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This week brought three members of The 3D Lab (Jonas, Ronja and Jan) to the 4th meeting of Oikos, the Nordic Society for Ecology, in beautiful Reykjavik. As ecologists rooted in northern Scandinavia with most of our fieldwork and research … Continue reading

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Microclimate ecology and biogeography

It’s one thing to have a great database. It’s a second one to put it to good use. The data is there, our SoilTemp-database for example has accumulated over 7500 loggers from all over the world now, and contributions are … Continue reading

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The biodiversity crisis and its tight link with climate change

Written by Jonas Lembrechts and Sara Vicca and originally posted on the website of Scientists4Climate. Our biodiversity is in decline, and its decline is faster than at any time in human history. This uncomfortable truth comes in parallel with the … Continue reading

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