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Biodiversity is essential for our survival and well-being. It nourishes and heals us. It provides us with oxygen and pure water. Biodiversity takes care of us, but it is in danger. Change and action are urgently needed to protect life … Continue reading

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Same data – different analysts

So here is an important question: if you give the same dataset to different scientists, will the outcomes be the same? This question is not trivial. It’s actually one of the most important assumptions in the way we currently do … Continue reading

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Hidden treasures on the campus

When you think about a quest for rare plant species, you might imagine high-spirited adventurers travelling to the ends of the earths on a hunt for tropical flowers hidden in the depths of the jungle. Who might have imagined that … Continue reading

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We all play a part in CO2-emissions, the main culprit of many of the climate-related disasters we more and more observe on this rapidly warming planet. We all play a part, and especially in our Western world, we can say … Continue reading

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Creeping down

The dwarf willow (Salix herbacea), a tiny cute creeping willow, adapted to the harsh conditions of the (sub)arctic. We found this adorable plant in high amounts in the alpine area during our plant surveys in subarctic Norway in 2012. Virtually … Continue reading

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Alliances against invasion

This post first appeared on the MRI mountain blogs.  In the discipline of mountain invasion, the enemy has many faces. Some are large and visible, marching uphill in plain sight. Others are small and sneaky, slipping invisibly and unnoticed behind your … Continue reading

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