Argentina is one of the three partners in our global partnership, together with Sweden and Chile.

Although we do not have an experiment here, we traveled to Bariloche, a beautiful city at the feet of the Andes in Patagonia, for a short workshop.


We had some very efficient and interesting discussions in a beautiful hotel with a view on the lake. 


Springtime in the mountains, stunning views everywhere and good company of inspiring colleagues all made it a highly rewarding trip.

View from the window

We visited a local project on pine invasion in the steppe (with a more detailed scientific story here), enjoyed the national park around the lake Nahuel Huapi and visited some beautiful Nothofagus forests. All crammed in one week, it made for a highly interesting date with Argentina.

Enjoying the viewsAnd in every case a more thorough experience than my first time, when I could only look at the country across a fence at the Chilean border.

3 Responses to Argentina

  1. I was in Bariloche last Nov or was it Dec (2014). Maybe the same time as you? Very beautiful! As are your pics! Serene…

    • I was there a bit earlier, the end of October, so early spring. Although it was really warm already, we could still feel the season was just beginning and the high season for nature was still on its way. Such a stunning place!

      • Yes, it really was so gorgeous there! We toured the whole of Argentina and none of the places was a disappointment. So much to see over there! Bariloche was just stunning. You have some great photos on your site! (did I say that already?!)

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