Let’s track some noise!

I am delighted to announce that starting this month, I have taken up a part-time position as a postdoctoral researcher to lead a groundbreaking citizen science project on noise pollution in urban environments. The project is being co-led by the University of Antwerp, which has made citizen science a core mission, building on the resounding success of our “CurieuzeNeuzen” initiatives. This opportunity is a perfect blend of my expertise in large-scale environmental monitoring, citizen science, and the urban context, even though it takes me beyond my ‘ecology’ comfort zone.

Cities, such as Brussels, Belgium, are filled with a myriad of sounds. While it is evident that all these sounds can have deleterious effects on human health and well-being, very little is currently known about the spatial distribution of these sounds. That is where our project comes in!

As it is a part-time position, I can continue to devote the rest of my time to my beloved SoilTemp microclimate projects. Additionally, this opportunity is not only a tremendous source of enthusiasm, but it also provides me with a chance to remain in academia for a while longer, until I find a more long-term perspective.

All in all, this is a pretty exciting and promising new beginning! While I am still contemplating how much I will share about this new role on this website, as it is somewhat beyond my usual topics, I am convinced that I can pique your curiosity about noise and its risks and opportunities in the most complex and captivating ecosystem of all: the city.

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