Let’s celebrate my first ever entry into the United States of America with some American eagles!

Screaming American bald eagle

I am on my way to Sacramento, California, for my first big international scientific conference. I will present some brand new results on friday, and use my time to network and dive head first into the vast ecological community.

American bald eagle

It is the reward for the first part of the summer, which I spend collecting data in the field and processing datasets, all to get an interesting story together to present to my fellow scientists. American bald eagle

So by now, I am in Charlotte, North Carolina,  getting my first experiences of North-America as I am  passing through on my way to the west coast.

Six more hours to fly. ‘We will start boarding in  some minutes’, but I will check in with you soon again.

American bald eagle

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2 Responses to America

  1. Welcome to America, dude! Let me know if ya need dome help with that giant attitude with feathers- *(DELICIOUS)!*

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