The beauty of the north

The Scandinavian mountains have photo opportunities around every corner. Click here to see a photo gallery, where I celebrate the amazing beauty of the north.

Little pond in Norway

You should pay it a visit to enjoy angry lemmings, stunning lakes, beautiful flowers, endless sunsets or breath-taking mountain hikes.


It will show you a summer as you have never seen one before.

Waterfall on Suoro mountain

You might recognize some of the pictures from my previous posts, but all together, they summarize the atmosphere even better.

     Summer snow

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4 Responses to The beauty of the north

  1. cocoaupnorth says:

    Outstanding photos! You’ve captured the beauty of the North so brilliantly. If you haven’t been to Finnish Lapland (Tunturi-Lappi) or Kilpisjärvi to be precise, you might want to add it on your list. It’s an amazing hiking experience.

  2. nlmoriyama says:

    how lucky you are to work in such pristine countryside.

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