Sweet summer child

I am a true summer child. I love the sun, the flowers, the birds and all nature’s activity in summer. I brighten up under a warm blue sky.

Golden plover nest

I do not know a thing about the Scandinavian winters, with their eternal nights, mountains of snow and freezing temperatures. When the first northern light hits the sky, I flee to the south.

Torneträsk lake with rowing boat

The only Scandinavian snow I know is from the stubborn little patches that resist the changes of the seasons and do not want to melt before the end of July.

Hiking in the Swedish mountains

I only experienced the Scandinavia with its abundant flowers, seeking cooling underneath waterfalls and dipping toes in the lake.

Waterfall in Swedish mountains

I must admit I also know those summers from endless rains and late snow storms that bite your fingers off on top of the mountains, but those harsh feelings are soon forgotten as soon as the shiny sun is back.

Orchid flowers in subarctic forest

I have to repeat it to myself every sunny day again and again: northern Scandinavia is a hostile place. It is not always like this. The seedlings in your experiments might soon die from the cold. Never forget this while you gaze at the blue sky and cool your burning skin with fresh melting water from a stream.

Scandinavian summer

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2 Responses to Sweet summer child

  1. Jim says:

    Ahhhh. You bring back memories of the time I spent in Norway some years ago. Traveling, playing music, staying in homes, hiking and seeking out the midnight sun. Such a wonderful place and such nice people. 🙂

  2. Nothing tops the Scandinavian summer! It seems that you enjoy every day twice as much, just because summer is so short.

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