Fjord and fjäll

We ended our Scandinavian fieldwork trip with two days at the other sides of the mountains. We had to find back the Norwegian plots of the roadside research of two years ago to install temperature sensors in the soil.

Alien species along the fjord

This little trip brought us the highlights of the Norwegian summer in a peaceful valley called Sjkomdal, in this season a true example of a Scandinavian paradise.

Picturesque valley of Skjomdal

We traveled up and down between the softness of the grasslands in the valley and the breathtaking views from the mountain tops.

Summer in the Skjomdal

Marsh in a valley in Northern Norway

The ultimate goal was to find back the sticks that had been waiting for two years in the immense eternal forests and tundra to mark the location of all plots. For the next year, they will guard the temperature sensors until I come back to pick them up.

Marking of the plots

Luckily, we had gps-coordinates, pictures of the locations and some marks in the field to help us on this true treasure hunt. This facilitated the search drastically, although some sticks still managed to disappear untraceably over the years.

Finding back the marks

It was nice to be reunited with my plots after two years; coming back there felt like revisiting a childhood playground. With the help of two days of fantastic summer weather, I now finally realized the full beauty of the area and the luck we had to do science up there.

Cottongrass overlooking a marsh in a valley

After a long and hot day of climbing the mountains, we set up our tent close to a lovely and cute ‘Fjällbuhytta’, right above a river perfectly suited for an evening swim. We took our time to swim away the dust of the working day and watched the alpenglow on the mountains at midnight.

Little Fjellbuhytte in the middle of a Norwegian forest

Mission accomplished in the best of circumstances, that is one thing that makes ecology so amazing!

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