Use the light you have

When time is short and work takes long, the midnight sun truly is a blessing.

Midnight sun on Nuolja

We had been climbing for a whole day to find a nice location to install our new experiment at one thousand meters, when it turned out the chosen mountain would mean a massive logistical challenge the next years. The climb was long and steep, the nearest road was at least half a day walking and all plots would be long hikes away from each other.

Spotting for good plot locations

Moreover, the vegetation did not look as promising for the experiment as it did elsewhere. The tough decision had to be made that this whole day of climbing under a baking sun would not result in the completion of another successful experiment. We had to let the plan go, a decision made lighter by the chance to enjoy the beauty of the Arctic summer. We watched down on the valleys and tops and worked out a promising plan B.

View on Torneträsk lake

In order to finish all the work in time, we had to be sure we would have plots with ideal conditions on the last day of the fieldwork. Luckily, circumstances in the north turned out in our advantage. As the sun would never set during the night, we could spend a whole night working and searching the mountains for good locations for the next day.

Chairlift on Nuolja to the midnight sun

Luckily, we could make use of the chairlift, which brought tourists around midnight to 900 meters of elevation to admire the magnificent view on the sun. It allowed us to experience two successes that night: a satisfying hunt for ideal experimental locations, and a fairytale experience on top of the world.

Midnight sun above snow patch Midnight sun on Nuolja

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5 Responses to Use the light you have

  1. quarterhorsegirl says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  2. magnificent skies – such magical light up there in the mountains.

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