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Taking the temperature of forest microclimate research

Imagine: it’s a hot summer day. You’re sweating away in an urban apartment. Perhaps ice-cream would come to mind, or a dive in a swimming pool. Or a nice stroll through a lush and cool summer forest. Yes, that last … Continue reading

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Bluebell beauty

This would normally be the season where we take the students to the beautiful Hallerbos, close to Brussels, to teach them all about forest types and keystone plant species. This trip would importantly also involve stunning purple fields of bluebells … Continue reading

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Smart bud(die)s

Smart bud(die)s, or Knappe k(n)oppen in Dutch, is a citizen science project initiated by our research group at the University of Antwerp (together with ReaGent). It is tailored towards high schools, and aims to provide them with a fun and … Continue reading

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To spring or not to spring

Climate and weather might be more unpredictable than ever, yet there is one little thing I can always count on: a small patch of crocuses close to the office, that starts to pierce the often frozen soil already in January. … Continue reading

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When leaves fall

Leaves fall in autumn. At least, they tend to do that if they hang on deciduous trees in temperate climates. Here, the months of October and November are dedicated to splendid colour displays and hours of raking leaves into piles. … Continue reading

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The snails are out!

Belgium is experiencing some hot and humid, almost tropical weather the last days/weeks. Perfect weather to find snails, I found out (and even better weather to meet up with mosquitos, I learned the hard way). Great weather for plants to grow as well. … Continue reading

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