To spring or not to spring

Climate and weather might be more unpredictable than ever, yet there is one little thing I can always count on: a small patch of crocuses close to the office, that starts to pierce the often frozen soil already in January.


It would be interesting to mark the date of their first appearance every year, and see if they follow the global trend: spring flowers emerging earlier and earlier. They have been observed to arrive up to 4 days faster for every 1 °C warmer in spring, at least according to an American study from 2013.


They will have to show their best skills to cope with extreme climate though, because winter is far but over in Belgium. I will keep an eye on them, see if they manage to conquer a frost event. But my hopes are high, because early spring flowers are used to this yearly gamble.


Ellwood ER, Temple SA, Primack RB, Bradley NL, Davis CC (2013) Record-Breaking Early Flowering in the Eastern United States. PLoS ONE 8(1): e53788. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0053788

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3 Responses to To spring or not to spring

  1. beachbooksblog says:

    aaah, even the word “crocuses” sounds so fresh and promising. and the photos really are full of freshness. fingers crossed for those little fighters.

  2. We have had the most erratic weather this winter but did not see the allium bulb tips in December like we have been. I’m sure they are under the leaves just waiting but, yes, they sometimes get surprised by a snow event after they’ve peeked outside already. Enjoy the winter quiet while it lasts!

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