On the horizon


What’s there on the horizon?

With the start of 2017, I have to start looking at what is on the horizon: the long run to the finish of this PhD.


The end is still far away in the future, yet it will be here soon enough. From now on, everything I do should be focussed on what comes afterwards.


With that horizon rapidly coming closer and closer, all I should now be doing is writing, writing, writing. The first part of the PhD brought lots of data, the end of the PhD can now benefit from that.


Luckily I love to write. Bringing the story, that is what the work has always been about.


So no worries about that upcoming horizon yet. There is no rainclouds on the horizon yet.


Rainclouds in the distance?

Pictures from a winter day in the Uitkerkse Polder, close the Belgian coast

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1 Response to On the horizon

  1. beachbooksblog says:

    Wish you all you need to do that!

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