The hidden waterfall

Years of travelling to the same place and monitoring the vegetation along the same trail, and nobody ever told me about this beautiful waterfall just 50 meters off track!

Bartsia alpina, Juncus trifidus, and some other tundra fellows in the constant cold breeze of the waterfall

It sits at the base of the ‘Björkliden’ trail, close to the little touristic village west of Abisko, northern Sweden. Our trail always crossed the river a bit downstream, but I should have known that this impressive flow of water would make its way down the mountain like a champion.

The team hiking up to the waterfall

Now, thanks to ‘fieldworker-in-chief’ Jan, who has built such amazing knowledge of the area throughout his PhD, I got to visit this little gem just after the breaking of the clouds. Recommended!

View downstream from the waterfall, with lake Törnetrask in the distance
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