Fieldwork done!

The team has done it: all 180 plots from our long-term vegetation monitoring along the Norwegian mountain roads have been surveyed!

Sun is setting on this year’s MIREN survey (midnight sun over lake Törnetrask at the Abisko Research Station). All pictures by Violetta Chernoray

With that achievement in our pockets, we now have the third time step in our time series all on paper, making the tenth anniversary of the survey a great success.

The team and all its energy 🙂

One wouldn’t expect any less than full success with the team we had in the field, however. Just check that picture above, what a scientific enthusiasm sparks of the screen! That it was one of the more sunny fieldwork days might of course have helped…

Three Nazgul out and about surveying vegetation along mountain roads
Two team members overlooking one of the highest elevation plots, above the treeline and with the Rombaksfjord in the distance

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