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Beyond the trailside

It is a question not too often asked: what is the impact of hiking trails on the vegetation they cross? In a series of observational studies in mountain regions across the globe with the Mountain Invasion Research Network, we are … Continue reading

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Trampling to save mountain plant diversity?

By Ronja Wedegärtner and Jonas Lembrechts What do you think about when you follow a hiking path up to the nearest mountain peak? When not thinking about the next chocolate break or the view, I spend my time thinking about … Continue reading

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What’s up, vegetation science?

If I had some ideas about the emerging challenges for vegetation science, they asked. I sure did! If I wanted to join a virtual workshop with 21 other early-career vegetation scientists to discuss those challenges? You bet! It was a … Continue reading

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An important tool in the toolbox

Last week, I had the opportunity to teach the students of our third Bachelor in Biology a little lesson about vegetation surveys. It was a half a day course in the framework of their course on Good Field Practices, in … Continue reading

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The season of anticipation

We passed that time of year again. That moment just before spring breaks loose, when king winter gives you one last wack around the ears before hurrying back to its royal halls above the polar circle. We had a serious … Continue reading

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I was currently exploring a new train of thoughts, slightly different from my usual subject: novel ecosystems. What is a novel ecosystem, you might ask? Well, it is an ecosystem that is disturbed (by humans) and where new species – … Continue reading

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