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About wrapping up 2 field seasons

This is a guest post by Charly Geron, PhD-student at Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech and in our Virtual Lab. One month ago, I was left with mixed feelings about finishing up my second field season, and acquiring massive amount of data … Continue reading

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Last weekend, I did something a bit different from my usual science-ing: I got invited to give a workshop at ‘TADA‘, an organisation that gives ‘workshops for the future’, a Saturday school for economically disadvantaged children in the city of … Continue reading

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To the growth chamber

This week, a new exciting research direction opened up: our PhD-student in Gembloux (Wallonia) launched a growth chamber experiment! For me, this is an absolute first: to experience the ability to entirely control all conditions, without any noisy outside factor … Continue reading

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Hunting down plants

I introduced him already in an earlier post: our hero of this spring is the easy-to-overlook flower called Matricaria discoidea, the pineappleweed. We are hunting down populations from all over Belgium to explore differences caused by humans: are the plants growing differently … Continue reading

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Sowing the seeds

This weird-looking bunch of office plants is actually much more than it seems: it is the start of a new experiment, which will broaden our scientific horizon to the world of population genetics. The lucky model species is Matricaria discoidea, … Continue reading

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Unusually warm

2018 has started of relatively stormy, here in Belgium. Water on the quays in Antwerp, and the first ever use of the large controlled flooding areas along the Scheldt, the year does indeed start unusual. In the Netherlands, it was … Continue reading

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