Fieldwork night

PhD candidate Jan is currently representing the team in the high north. Tonight: spectacular yet lonely dinner-with-a-view in the waffle house on top of Låktatjåkko mountain, cosely tucked away from the windy 2°C that rules outside. The coronavirus has made him the only customer brave enough to face the top of the world tonight, but that doesn’t make the views any less breath-taking.

View from Låktatjåkko’s waffle house on an autumn evening. This cosy place at the end of a 800 meter climb is highly recommended for anyone visiting the Abisko area in northern Sweden.

The tough conditions outside are compensated by the good news from the plots: many germinated seeds in the experiments, and all in good condition, the occassional tree falling into the plot aside. Looking forward to the results coming in!

Microclimate logger braving the alpine tundra
Tough little seedling!
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2 Responses to Fieldwork night

  1. That top photo is awesome! What a view!

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