Show us your best

The 3D Lab closed off the year with a fun meeting last Friday. All members were asked to present 1) their favourite figure they made the last year, and 2) a figure they hope to make the next year.

And, oh boy, what a rewarding experience that was! I’m not going to share the beauties we got to see, as most of them are currently unpublished surprises for you for next year, but I don’t want to keep my main conclusions from you:

  1. Figures in ecology can be so diverse! We saw maps, scatter plots, beautifully enhanced tables, interactive plots, conceptual schemes… All of them impressive in their own regard, all of them containing a wealth of information that helps move science forward. Figures truly are the flagship of science, and the new generation of scientists sure knows how to use them.
  2. The 3D Lab is growing in expertise. Every new year, each of the members adds so much new knowledge to their own baggage, and new members join that help deepen and broaden the collective knowledge of the Lab. This is a realisation that fills me with utter joy, as it means that the team is growing and better armed every day to tackle the questions we hope to answer. This also allows for better support of each individual: find the knowledge where it is located and have each expert do what he does best.
  3. The year 2021 is looking bright. The Lab has some ambitious and beautiful figures in mind to make and publish, and I’m looking forward to support all its members in achieving this. The scientific discoveries hiding in these figures are what truly makes them worth the effort. After all, there is a world we are trying to save!
  4. Finally, we agreed we were very lucky we had a Virtual Lab in place before the global pandemic hit us. We already knew how it is to support each other from a distance, and have a team in place that can help each other get through the science even when physically distant and were thus ready to face the storm when it hit us all in the face. The Lab is far from perfect – there is only so much a Virtual Lab can replace – but I feel I can say The 3D Lab has been there for its members when they needed it.

So stay tuned for what The 3D Lab will deliver in the next year, as we are all very excited for what is to come!

Walking towards the white unknown on the horizon that is 2021. There will be dark clouds on our way, as we know from the year that passed, but what I see is mostly hope. And brave little legs that can’t be stopped.
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