The future looks bright! There is some new traveling on the way and I am already looking forward to share the experience with you all.

Next month will start with a visit to the Canary Islands, some volcanic rocks in the ocean close to the African coast. Although it will not be a work trip, I am still excited to see the plant life, because on a volcanic island, ALL species are aliens, can you imagine!? Most importantly, the islands have two things I really like: the view of impressive mountains and the infinite ocean everywhere.

Rocky shoreline

A rocky shoreline, it won’t get much better!

Next, in March, there is a returning trip to Chile. If luck is on my side, I finish the fieldwork in the shortest possible time, which will give me the chance to bring a visit to the Andes, as that mountain range clearly speaks to the imagination. I have only seen them from a distance on my last trip, but I am planning to fix that problem!

The other side - Isla Riesco

Mountains, awesome high mountains, begging for a visit

Monte Tarn

Mount Tarn, a lonely mountain on the southernmost part of the Andes.

I can not wait to leave the boring cold Belgian rain behind and go back to the wide views of wild nature!

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6 Responses to Travelling

  1. loving the middle picture, mostly because of the sea at the right.. this make the picture special!

  2. Woah! Quite the adventures you have coming up my friend! Good luck on all of them and great shots in the post as well! Safe travels and can’t wait to see where your feet lead ya!

  3. Any kats and catnip where you’re going?? (trills)….Shrimp

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