The photographing ecologist

I am both a photographer and an ecologist. Those two skills do not seem to have a lot in common at first sight, but I strongly believe that they will both profit from a thorough collaboration.

Plants in the mountains

I use my photography to bring ecology closer to the public. I use it to visualize my research and stress its importance.

Plot with a view

I use photography to make the science easier to understand and to follow.

Experimental plot

I use ecology to improve the story of my photography. I use it to make interesting pictures that might sparkle interest in a viewer.

Angry lemming in a plot

This blog is all about photographing ecology. Look here for the main arguments why this matters. Some picture-taking tips for other ecologists are also available: why you should get low and far

Hiking in the Swedish mountains

Being a photographing ecologist pays off… Some of my pictures are featured on the website of the University of the Arctic for example, and I was a finalist in the photography contest of Perth’s ‘Mountains of our Future Earth’ conference. Besides, I have a mildly booming business of stock photography.

4 Responses to The photographing ecologist

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  2. Vicki says:

    Gosh, you really have a great Photographer’s Eye.
    What is the little critter in the 4th image please?

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