A gerbil’s world

You might recall the support team that we adopted and that will guide me through my PhD with love and cute little bites.


The support team taking a break in their coconut

  They now have their own little blog called a gerbil’s world!


Buying their love with mealworms

They run the blog themselves (with a little bit of support from my lovely girlfriend), so you should definitely visit them if you want a good talk with one of our tiny friends.


If you can drive a car, you can write a blog

If you love gerbils and want to learn more on how to keep them happy, if you just have a fondness for crazy cuteness, or if you want some support to get you through your own daily work, this blog might be exactly the thing for you.


Everything is edible until proven differently…

So see you all there, and greetings from Timon and Pumbaa.


Timon playing the flute, I mean mealworm.

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6 Responses to A gerbil’s world

  1. Vicki says:

    Too cute for words.
    I’m not familiar with Gerbils, but I have to say that they’re undeniably attractive little critters.
    And your photos are just perfect to show them off.

  2. Megs Lernen says:

    Love the captions!

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