Five steps from the office

Another office day. Work was going great, the much anticipated paper was taking shape, the data looked beautiful.


The channel of the Fort on our university campus, beautiful setting for an ecologist.

But one thing was not feeling right. It took me a while to define the feeling, but then I realised what it was: I was suffering from an acute case of wanderlust.


A lot of dark office hours, not enough encounters with nature: an unhealthy situation for a mountain ecologist.

Of course, there was not much to do about it. The paper needed to be written, the office hours to be respected. No chance to take a random plane to the Andes at three in the afternoon.


But there was one tiny solution. I could put a few steps out of the office. A quick shot of sun and nature, a small dose to ease the wanderlust and improve the writing.

So I hurried out for ten minutes, breathing in the fresh air, admiring the beauty of a sunny december day, even at no more than five steps from the office door. Ten intense minutes, six hundred amazing seconds. I am sure they will be visible in the paper.

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