The mad scientist tea party

Do you know how ecologists have a tea party? They bury their tea in the Arctic and wait a year to give it that perfect soil touch.


This is the ideal season to stay inside, close to the Christmas tree, with a hot cup of tea and think about the tea bags we buried this summer in the Swedish and Norwegian mountains.

Green hills and blue lightView on our study area, where we want to get an idea of the soil decomposition rates.

Our efforts are part of a global research project, and the first results are coming in! You can find a very interesting summary of the project till now on this website.

There will be much more to tell in the future and I am pretty excited to be part of all of it. But for now, just keep this one warning in mind for the next time you drink tea: green tea decomposes so much faster than rooibos!

Not sure if you should worry though…

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