Penguin parade

Penguins are one of the main touristic attractions in Punta Arenas. There even live more penguins than people in the southern Magellan provence, so they really are the real owners of southern Chile.

Proud penguin

There is a colony of these funny looking puppets right on the shore and I was really excited to visit them.


However, when I arrived on the road to this colony, there was a gate blocking the way. A closed gate, with no-one but one pretty dog around to guard it. The dog looked at me with compassion in his eyes while I tried to find a way in, and he saw me go again without any success.


Back in Belgium, I made up for this disappointing trip by visiting their friends at the local zoo, where they recently got a brand new environment.

Swimming penguin

There, I could see them at least from as close and for as long as I wanted.


They were all together enjoying the sun and warmth of the spring weather. They obviously had a fantastic time in the water.

Funny penguin

They were all extremely cute and totally making up for the missed chance to see them in their natural environment in Chile.

Swimming penguin

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11 Responses to Penguin parade

  1. matthias1982 says:

    great photos again! what camera and lens do you use?

    • Thank you! I currently use a Nikon D5100 with a Sigma 70-300 zoom-lens and I am really happy with it!

      • matthias1982 says:

        wow – with a 300 mm lens you still have to get quite close to these animals, especially the birds… good work!! 🙂

      • That is the main advantage of the new penguin environment at our zoo, you really walk through the penguins, which is a fantastic experience! (I hoped to get as close in the wild, because they aren’t very afraid of people, but that will be for my next trip to Chile 😀 ).

      • matthias1982 says:

        yes, but i was also refering to the other photographs on your blog…

      • Previously, I had a Sony Alpha 550 with Sony’s 70-300, but that one was much less suited for those bird pictures. I am indeed really happy with the results of my Nikon-Sigma-set. Thanks for the compliment, very much appreciated from someone with such beautiful pictures himself!

  2. Great pictures Jonas!

  3. alifemoment says:

    Really nice !!! 🙂

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