New life

There is new life on the campus of my university! In the field next to the plots of my new experiment on the campus, a young foal is happily hopping around.

Spring in 't veld

His cute little face makes fieldwork on the campus even more fun.


Look at it, with its way-too-long legs that make it so difficult to reach the ground! His clumsy moves make him the very definition of adorable cuteness.

Too long legs

Although he tries to be a brave explorer, he still stays really close to mommy. With every sudden movement, he quickly runs in hiding behind her large and safe side.

Foal in hiding

I think I will have to do a lot of fieldwork this spring, just to get the opportunity to say hi to this cutie.

Foal kissing mother

Fantastic gain for the field I already liked so much (see earlier).


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6 Responses to New life

  1. Hope says:

    How sweet! 🙂

  2. seltje says:

    Foals are way too cute! Enjoy the vieuw, I have a similar vieuw from my room, perfect!

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  4. How cute! *(trills)*

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