At the zoo

One day, halfway my quest to become a biologist, I had to make the tough choice between plants or animals. Although I truly loved both, I had to choose; there is not enough time to dedicate your scientific life to two such different disciplines.

Many people wonder why I chose the plants, those silly motionless creatures that are obviously much less interesting than these merry furry animals. My answer lies in the fieldwork: I just fell in love with the way in which plant ecology was done in the field, which to me sounded much more exciting than behavioral ecology. That is why I decided to leave the animals for my spare time.  To enjoy them as much as ever, but without the need to work with them all day.

Sometimes, I almost regret this decision, especially when I am at the zoo. There, all these funny animals look at me with in their eyes the message: “Don’t you wanna know why I behave so weird?” But then I remember the joy of what I am doing now. I quickly take a picture of the funny face and go back to my seeds, nutrients, soil samples, mountain views, squishy cushion plants, tiny but lovely seedlings, proudly growing flowers and the glorious wonder of how all these ‘motionless’ plants manage to travel more than the average migratory bird.

Here (and in the photo gallery ‘Animals’, check it out!!) I share some of these funny faces with you. I kindly invite you to regret my decision with me…



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4 Responses to At the zoo

  1. Greetings human. I don’t know what those delicious creatures are, but I’d LOVE to find out….(* chatters *)…..

  2. That ostrich looks DELICIOUS!
    *(chatters)* …. (just sayin)….

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