Love Shine-a light…

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China Light Zoo Antwerp spring tree

Cold days, endless dark nights, today with some additional snow and ice… Winter is upon us and it is trying to make us gloomy and depressed.

China Light Zoo Antwerp baby elephant

But I will not let that happen! There is a perfect cure for this darkness, and it is called ‘China Light’.

China Light Zoo Antwerp dragon

The Zoo of Antwerp, which has always been one of my favourite attractions in Belgium, now hosts a true Chinese light festival. In the dark hours of the evening, you can wander through the Zoo’s gardens and enjoy the beautiful animals, flowers, dragons and other Chinese objects.

China Light Zoo Antwerp

There was even a show starring Chinese acrobats and countless hula hoops.

China Light Zoo Antwerp

By importing some Asia to Belgium, they managed to bring back the light in these December months. Those who still have the chance to make it to Antwerp, the event is definitely worth the visit, although it can be pretty busy.

China Light Zoo Antwerp

On a different note: winter is really upon us, and my tiny little seedlings are struggling. Maybe a soft white snow blanket will prevent some from dying!

  China Light Zoo Antwerp

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7 Responses to Love Shine-a light…

  1. sweetpea2love says:

    What a lovely group of pictures to bring the gloomy nights of Winter to a halt. Thanking you kindly for posting such joy. Take care and happy blogging to ya… 🙂

  2. stappersjos says:

    Reblogged this on Geostappers and commented:
    We had a nice visit to China Light together with yornas, touchant-a and Kami. No geocaching but a lot of fun!

  3. Pam says:

    Really beautiful.

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