Biology Research Day

The study of biology at the University of Antwerp is surprisingly diverse. With research groups covering all scales, from the smallest cell to the largest ecosystem, and all aspects of biology, from behavioral ecology till molecular physiology, the department can be proud of its significant role in local and global advancements in the field.

I am thus honoured to co-organise the 3rd Biology Research Day, a yearly meeting bringing together all scientists and students from across all biological research groups within our university.


Such a research day is not only a great way from students to get an idea of everything what is going on here. It is also from major importance for the science itself, as the field is broad (making one less likely to look over the fence to his neighbour and ask what he is doing), yet parallels and shared interests are everywhere. Science makes most progress at the edges between different fields, as unexpected yet fruitful collaborations open up different ways of viewing our world. And with such collaborations getting more established within the department, the study of biology in all its facets within the department becomes more alive, and more relevant, than ever.

Impatiens - 3

Studying Impatiens glandulifera (Himalayan balsam) for its hormonal components, for its intriguing way of distributing seeds, for its rapidly changing distribution or for its impacts on ecosystems? It’s all biology!

It is every year a surprise to see who else is working on climate change, for example, and how they are approaching the issue from an ecosystem, plant or animal perspective. I am thus awaiting this event with high anticipation!

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  1. Good on you, for getting involved in this way!

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