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Biology Research Day

The study of biology at the University of Antwerp is surprisingly diverse. With research groups covering all scales, from the smallest cell to the largest ecosystem, and all aspects of biology, from behavioral ecology till molecular physiology, the department can … Continue reading

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From DNA to the world

Biology is a discipline as wide as the world. Studying all species, from elephants to worms, from trees to bacteria, and digging into all aspects of their life, behaviour, body, evolution or ecology. And biology might not sound as the … Continue reading

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Originally posted on BioDiverse Perspectives. In a previous post, I wrote about the power of photography for ecologists. Now, it is time to provide some real tips for photographing ecologists. How to take home some pictures that will impress others, without … Continue reading

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Back to the basement

This is a post for those who got the experience from my blog that I am living life in paradise all the time. I have to reveal the hidden secret: there is more to my PhD than mountains and hiking. The field … Continue reading

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The photographing ecologist

Originally posted on BioDiverse Perspectives. Photography is classified as art, ecology is science. Two distinct worlds that only very rarely show some overlap. I am however convinced that a combination of both disciplines could be very fruitful. Being a photographing … Continue reading

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A lot of my work is about microvariation in landscapes, and how this hidden world is wat really matters to nature. Mapping this microvariation however gives some big challenges, because for an optimal view of variation, you should look down on the world from above. … Continue reading

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