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Passing through Paris today on my way to Amiens for a meet-up with colleagues. Looking forward to great science! Paris, so close to home, yet it feels so different from Belgium!

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Study day

This week, we gathered in the beautiful city center of Antwerp for the PLECO Research Day, a yearly event that brings together all members of our research group for a day of discussions. As our group is steadily growing (over … Continue reading

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The Mississippi

I don’t know about you, but I had this romantic notion of one day being on a boat on the Mississippi, that majestic river that inspired so many tales and songs. Now, being in New Orleans for the annual meeting … Continue reading

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Climate change biogeography

There are several ways in which one can tackle climate change and its effects on our world. Biogeographers are approaching the issue via one of its core fundaments: how is climate change affecting the distribution of all living things on … Continue reading

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This week, I joined an army of far over 200 biogeographers at the conference of the International Biogeographic Society in Evora, Portugal. Biogeowhat, you might ask? Well, biogeography is the study of the distribution of species, in the past, the … Continue reading

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This week brought us to Zürich, the magnificent city of bank buildings and rösti. We were heading for a highly interesting meeting, organised by the GMBA, the Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment. They gathered a team of leading scientists from two … Continue reading

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Unusually warm

2018 has started of relatively stormy, here in Belgium. Water on the quays in Antwerp, and the first ever use of the large controlled flooding areas along the Scheldt, the year does indeed start unusual. In the Netherlands, it was … Continue reading

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